late post–fall fun.







photos by pablo

[jacket: urban outfitters (similar here) + shirt: vintage burberry + skirt: vintage + shoes: zara (similar here)]

hola! i don’t know how this set of photos escaped me.  i love being silly and i was maybe a bit over the top on this shoot.  oh well. whatevs.  you love it anyway.  and thanks! short skirts and loose tops will basically be my entire spring wardrobe so look out!

i know i’m in and out on blogging lately, but i’m teaching yoga now and trying to settle into my new life and new schedule.  i did an immersion, intensive yoga teacher training last month and am still reeling from all the wonderful stuff i learned.  universal love to all living things! woot.



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loving yellow now.











photos by pablo

[dress: vintage + leather jacket: zara (similar here) + bag: vintage + hat: zara + shoes: zara]

hmmn, i had so much fun on the potomac river but it was super frikin cold! i found this cute little girls 60s dress on and took the plunge and bought it.  the first time I tried it on i got stuck in it for like 30 minutes, but this is the price you pay for cute vintage, n’est ce pas?


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the mighty mississippi.





photos by ras kelly

[shirt: american apparel + pants: zara (similar here) + shoes: asos + bag: american apparel]

on the mighty mississippi river in louisiana.  this is an abandoned dock and is only the coolest place i’ve been to in a while.  oh, and happy new year 🙂


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namesake coat.









photos by pablo

[coat: vintage + shirt: zara (similar here) + denim: zara + shoes: zara (similar here)]

hola! this cashmere/mink coat belonged to my aunt after whom this blog is named. i never met her, yet felt compelled to use her name for this initiative as i somehow knew it would keep me inspired.  she was super kind, super stylish, and super creative–i hope this blog and my life emulate that.  also, isn’t her name awesome??

has anyone yet noticed that i shop at zara wayyyyy too much? hmmm, maybe its just me… also, i made friends with a stick along the shore–its still in my car.


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