soy sauce.










well, i’m back.  i’ve been through many changes since january and am so glad i did. i’m a certified yoga instructor now and am living more of a yogi life now.  i’m now vegan and loving it! i’ll have to share some recipes.  i had no idea i could be so satisfied without eating meat! i compost too and its fun to see how many fruits and veggies i actually eat throughout the week. i still have a sense of humor though–and a sense of style, hehe….

so it’s taken me a while to figure out how to get blogging back into my life in a meaningful way and, well, this is the beginning!!! i really want to take you more into my new lifestyle–buying less, consuming less, and being totally happy and stylish about it! well that’s the plan.

p.s. can’t stop listening to ‘ho hey’ by the lumineers right now. floydfest anyone?


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black and winter white.







photos by pablo

[sweater: vince + skirt: asos + coat: vintage + shoes: fornarina + clutch: vintage + sunnies: rayban + jewelry: thrifted]

so i just got back in town from a lovely trip to the deep south to see my family in louisiana.  i had such a blast and there was so much food love all around.  seriously i felt the true spirit of christmas as i practiced yoga, cooked, ate (a lot), read, and ripped and ran with all sorts of members of my family.  it was exhausting and rejuvenating all at the same time.  i even did a photo shoot with my cousin ras, the resulting images will be up soon.

trying to get ready for new years festivities and i adore the casual dressy look of this outfit.  i may do something with sequins or graffiti though. stay tuned on instagram and facebook for the final results 🙂



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