‘shroom wraps.



soooooo i’ve converted to veganism over the last month or so and i must say that i’m very much satisfied with the decision.  i haven’t craved bacon (yet) and i’ve had only 2 meat attacks so far, only 2!  mushrooms have been a central part of the conversion, i must say.  i often make these mushroom wraps after a late night out or for a quick snack. they are so yummy and light yet filling.

‘shroom wrap recipe (1 serving):

~15 shitake (or any) mushrooms
1 tbsp olive oil
salt/pepper to taste
3/4 cup cooked quinoa
4 bibb lettuce leaves
bragg’s aminos

remove stems from ‘shrooms, slice them up and saute in olive oil until tender (about 8-10 mins) adding salt and pepper to taste.  add a dash or 2 of the bragg’s to the quinoa. spoon quinoa onto center of lettuce leaves, add mushrooms and a sliver of sriracha.  pick ‘em up and eat like a taco and love your life!


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cookie season.




i used to cook a lot–i mean really awesome, creative dishes from cultures around the world. i don’t really cook anymore.  i’m just not very inspired to do so lately, buuuuut i think it’ll come back to me in due time.

in the meantime, one thing that i continue is baking the perfect chocolate chip + pecan cookie.  i mean i throw down on those things; they’re always so frikin good.  is there a secret? no. just pick up a friggin bag-o-semi-sweet chocolate chips, follow the recipe on the back and eat. as you see above, i used the ghirardelli recipe this time (exactly the same as toll house) which you can find here.

i love baking these again and again through the holiday season and giving them away to friends and coworkers. i’m on my third batch so far and will definitely be making at least 2 more. if you’re around, shoot me an email, i’ll definitely share them with you!


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