soy sauce.










well, i’m back.  i’ve been through many changes since january and am so glad i did. i’m a certified yoga instructor now and am living more of a yogi life now.  i’m now vegan and loving it! i’ll have to share some recipes.  i had no idea i could be so satisfied without eating meat! i compost too and its fun to see how many fruits and veggies i actually eat throughout the week. i still have a sense of humor though–and a sense of style, hehe….

so it’s taken me a while to figure out how to get blogging back into my life in a meaningful way and, well, this is the beginning!!! i really want to take you more into my new lifestyle–buying less, consuming less, and being totally happy and stylish about it! well that’s the plan.

p.s. can’t stop listening to ‘ho hey’ by the lumineers right now. floydfest anyone?


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meet me in el paso.

hola! i just wanted to share this really quickly before i’m off for drinks with friends.  h st baby, its the best.  anywho, i hope you like my random shots from this short trip to the desert.











outfit 1
shirt: zara + shorts: zara + shoes: zara

outfit 2
shirt: zara + skirt: vintage + shoes: zara

so i went to a little place called el paso last week.  i had a great time, the people were nice and the food was pretty darn good.  we took a drive on the historic scenic drive into the foothills of the rocky mountains. very nice.  sunset: amazing.

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denim and, well, denim.

subtitle: crouching tiger, dungeon dragon not paying any more attention to any more fashion weeks.  fw overkill for f/w 13. i’m such a hater right now–meanwhile, take a look at the love below.










shirt: zara + jeans: target ($4 several years ago!) + shoes: charlie my love + bag: jcrew

ahh, i love an easy ensemble.  geez, i guess that’s what i’m all about. no need to complicate life further, is there? the weekend was j-j-jammed packed with fun and a little too much fun, but i had sunday for recovery (see latest instagram feed).

eating, drinking, and merrydom–please, sir, can i have some more?

ciao. woot.

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a little more savannah…

Was it hot? Yes. Was it humid? A bit, yes.  Was it charming? You know, it really was.  I claim not to be one bit of an expert when it comes to Savannah. In fact, I was only there for a weekend and didn’t see as much of it as I probably should have. Alas, I must visit again. <Sigh>

Anywho, there were the most interesting stores and shops lining the downtown historic streets and squares of the city.  Take a look….

Want to rent or buy a Vespa to “scoot” about town in the coolest manner possible? Done.  Motorini Vespa Savannah has the cutest, shiniest motos around town. <P.S. My friend’s car was almost towed whilst these pics were taken by me.> <P.P.S. I guess we should’ve been on a Vespa.>

<Oh yeah!! I bought that white/yellow colorblock rug in the corner, hehe!>

Its no surprise that there were tons of home decor stores ’round town–the gorgeous historic homes are just about the biggest draw for travelers and dwellers alike.  I happened into One Fish Two Fish to escape the heat, and loved just about every ding-dong-thing in the store!

There are spurts of creative style as displayed weekly on the You’re Welcome Savannah blog.  Sartorial expressions are fueled by cute boutiques sprinkled about town.  Many have a healthy range in price points–a genius way to cater to all socioeconomic layers.  How democratic Savannah!

<These zany shoes were so effing comfy; I don’t even get it!>

I tried on the BEST Jeffrey Campbell platforms in Custard Boutique.  My friend had to coerce me, but once I had them on, I thought, “boy, have I been buying the wrong shoes all along or what?” Yowzer.


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