organize: stack & store.


well my friends, the seasons have changed haven’t they. what are you to do with all those sweaters?

1. wear them with cut-off shorts I say!

2. if you don’t want to do that, just make sure to fold them all nice and neat and put them away.

3. if some got tons of wear in the colder months, make sure to drop that stack off at the dry cleaners before storing them for the season.

4. listen to the Wild Nothings new album Empty Estate as you fold–i promise the time will go by just like that!

5. place a mixture of dried lavender and cedar chips in cheesecloth. tie up the ends.  make a few of these bundles and stash between layers. (i found that a moth ate through a prominent spot on a j.crew merino wool sweater–NEVER AGAIN!!!)

6. make sure to store these AWAY from windows. uv light damages color and you’ll end up with a red sweater with a funny pink stripe where that portion of the sweater got constant sunlight.

et voila. wear next-to-nothing all spring and summer and love that when fall comes around again, everything will be fresh and ready to roll!



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