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hybrid love.

so i’m totes in love with the new blog: kanye wes anderson on tumblr.  i frikin love wes anderson films and adding a little kanye sass to sundry film stills is hilarious and, oddly enough, sometimes deep.

[ummm, by far my fave–from ‘the royal tenenbaums’]


[that’s right kanye and wes, you got the right idea–let’s go effing camping–from ‘moonrise kingdom’]

stop by the site to find out your favorites.  maybe you’ll develop a newfound love for one or both of the artists.


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shirt: arc-savannah, ga + jeans: 18 amendment + shoes: jcrew + necklace: mettle + sunnies: vintage deadstock

meh, i don’t have much to say today. enjoy though. woot. ciao.

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