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stuck on repeat: going home.

i can get pretty snobbish about coffee and so couldn’t leave savannah until i had a decent cappuccino or iced vanilla latte.  that took us to broughton street, where a bunch of cool shops and restaurants are located.  we got there a bit before 10 am, when things open so strolled around until paris market declared that they were conducting business transactions.  yes please!

{passing time in front of the gap on broughton st.}

{top: monrow + skirt: torn by ronny kobo + bag: marc by marc jacobs + sunnies: rayban + necklace: maison scotch + bracelets: various}

{tempted to eat macaroons at 10 am. dammit paris market!}

{pretty rock candy! not tempted to eat at 10 am though–thank goodness}

{hot options were tempting, but I went to the “froid” side to get myself a vanilla iced latte.  i want one right now–arrgh!}

{& there it is with biscotti hiding in the bag}

{too cute to scoot}

{ a la prochaine mes amies! off to go vroom-vroom in the MINI. savannah was magical as usual.}

now i must get my korea pics organized to share on ze blog.  i don’t think i’ll be traveling again for a while though :-(. i may throw in a beach trip and a fall camping trip because i absolutely love doing both. i went to india earlier this year before starting the blog; i’ll have to share some of those pics for good measure.

off to watch the olympics! ciao.

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stuck on repeat: garden partayyy.


the reason for going to savannah culminated with this baby shower garden party for my lovely friend who will be dropping a load-o-life soon.  she wouldn’t let me post pics of her, but i tell you, she looked lovely for the party.

{historic house in savannah where garden party was held}

{ahem, if you couldn’t locate the huge ass house, here’s a huge ass balloon to make you feel kinda dumb}


{garden (get it?) party}

{a lovely lemon black tea concoction to cool off the guests. and straws! whimsical straws!}

{so here’s the deal: this was supposed to be a drunken pineapple that never got drunk 🙁 blasphemous, right? i’m gonna make my own drunken pineapple and eat/drink it while watching the olympics.}

{yeah, there was savory food, but for me, this is the table that matters. homemade marscarpone and white peach/strawberry tarts and chocolate ganache cake. yeppers.}

{this slice is coming to me. (imagine me eating it making that homer simpson sound.)}

{hola! dress: vintage moschino}

{a little creative license taken here. a girl’s gotta keep having fun, right?}

a la prochaine.

for our last day in savannah, we strolled a bit downtown to find good coffee, take crazy pics, and drive the heck back to dc.  we were just as crazy on the drive back as we were on the drive in.  more to come.

oooh, and i just got back from korea, so i’ll share some of my experiences from that trip soon!

ciao. okay. really. i’m gone. woot.

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