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hawaii synopsis.

Aloha B&^%$es.

<getting way too toasted on waikiki>

<what bartenders call a “flag” to top off my drink and a few of my favorite things>

<sunsets were awesome and subsequently so am i>

<hippies on the beach make you take a second look at what happiness really is. damn hippies>

<caught this awesome native performance. i was all in there with the camera like i knew what i was doing. i did.>

<(yawn) that’s so easy, i do that all the time.>

<pretty decent local beer. notice the “flagged” drink in the background too>


<love my neon/nude bikini>

I had a blast spending a little time on Oahu.  Waikiki, Honolulu, the Pipeline and everything in between.  Hmmn, I’d go back.

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So just in case you’re not tired of reading about a frikin 3 day trip to the south…,there’s more. Well, this is the last bit of Savannah I want to share…for now.

My very close friend, Nana (who should be blogging) has the most awesome turn-of-the-century pad with the best architectural details.  My favorite thing about her place is all the little clusters of cool crap that she has all over the house.

Let me show you….

First off, she made a sweet little frozen treat that I could not stop eating. Yeah, I probably ate all three of those.

Cedric will tell you more about that on You’re Welcome Savannah.  Check out his post on BLTs Nana and I made that same day.  You will want us to make BLTs all day once you see….


<library looking into the boy’s bedroom>


<coolest table made of glass top and a crap load of awesome old records>

<previously mentioned awesome old records>

<ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little 70s shag, especially when its 100% wool>

The house has such creative touches that mirror old world, modern, and everything in between. <Sigh> Geez, she’s so creative its sickening.  Can I get a house please? Anyone?

Shall we move on? Fine, see more below….

<inspirational vignette in the bathroom (there’s no right place to forget about love!)>

<repurposed bath tray over clawfoot tub>

<hallway view into bedroom>

<her stack of crap is usually way cuter than the average person’s stack of crap>

<we had a baby, now we dry our real dishes on the baby bottle drying rack>

<sweeeet chair, right?>

<favorite thing: mirror>

<above the kitchen cabinets, believe me, she’s tall enough to reach>

<stainless steel countertop in kitchen>

<I just want to bake a cake to place it in this space>

<dishes do not have to match exactly, they just have to be fabulous>


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a little more savannah…

Was it hot? Yes. Was it humid? A bit, yes.  Was it charming? You know, it really was.  I claim not to be one bit of an expert when it comes to Savannah. In fact, I was only there for a weekend and didn’t see as much of it as I probably should have. Alas, I must visit again. <Sigh>

Anywho, there were the most interesting stores and shops lining the downtown historic streets and squares of the city.  Take a look….

Want to rent or buy a Vespa to “scoot” about town in the coolest manner possible? Done.  Motorini Vespa Savannah has the cutest, shiniest motos around town. <P.S. My friend’s car was almost towed whilst these pics were taken by me.> <P.P.S. I guess we should’ve been on a Vespa.>

<Oh yeah!! I bought that white/yellow colorblock rug in the corner, hehe!>

Its no surprise that there were tons of home decor stores ’round town–the gorgeous historic homes are just about the biggest draw for travelers and dwellers alike.  I happened into One Fish Two Fish to escape the heat, and loved just about every ding-dong-thing in the store!

There are spurts of creative style as displayed weekly on the You’re Welcome Savannah blog.  Sartorial expressions are fueled by cute boutiques sprinkled about town.  Many have a healthy range in price points–a genius way to cater to all socioeconomic layers.  How democratic Savannah!

<These zany shoes were so effing comfy; I don’t even get it!>

I tried on the BEST Jeffrey Campbell platforms in Custard Boutique.  My friend had to coerce me, but once I had them on, I thought, “boy, have I been buying the wrong shoes all along or what?” Yowzer.


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