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stuck on repeat: road trip


Hmmn, soooo, I kinda went to Savannah. Again. My close friend is having her second baby any moment now and I drove down with our mutual close friend to help out. Man, that’s lots of friend-on-friend complexity. Got it? Good.  The triumvirate unites. Yah!

<our little welcome note. received at 6 am after being on the road since midnight. we sat in the car and sang a dru hill song {that shall not be named} very loudly, 3 times in a row, until we were fussed at by hosting friend. ah-thank you.>

<refreshing treats that accompanied above cute little note. broke into that water and refreshing witch hazel immediamente. then washed face. then crashed like nobody’s business. then got up to start all the busy bee work it takes to finalize something like a baby shower not known as a baby shower but a garden party. Its a garden party people!>

<to market, to market. wait, its closing in 10 minutes, hurry up!>


<shirt: c&c california (similar here) + shorts: madewell + shoes: soludos + a bunch of other stuff>

<take out at a lovely restaurant called leoci’s trattorio. would love to have eaten there, but we had things to do! there was a baby garden party to finalize dammit.

<dude. there is a lot of spanish moss in these trees. just sayin’.>

There is more to come on the whole garden party, road trip, Savannah thing.  Also check my Instagram feed to see how slap happy we got on the road. Maybe I’ll post it after showing the party set up and such.  Whew, its good to be back home! Woot!

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pop the cork.

Yowzer, take a look at these bad boys! I’ve been going back and forth about actually purchasing platform sandal then: BAM! There were these inexpensive Kelsi Dagger monsters (see above photos) available on for a very reasonable price.  They just came in the mail today and I love them! Don’t know if I’ll be buying more, but I’m definitely good with these. Woot!

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Hiya! Check out what has been going on with my Instagram feed.

1. silk shirt: JCrew + blazer: JCrew + leather skirt: Parker + wedges: Elizabeth&James

2. tank: Monrow + jeans: Zara + blazer: JCrew

3. classy pic of my oldest sister, she visited for the weekend!

4. sunnies: Ray Ban + sweatshirt: Sam & Lavi + cutoffs + necklace: Maison Scotch

5. big picture farm caramels are LEGIT.

6. foil people fighting art installation at Artomatic.

7. such a cool art installation at Artomatic.

8. beautiful sky.

9. lace top: Zara + peplum skirt: Zara + shoes: Ferragamo (vintage)

10. homegrown, handpicked blueberries.  can’t get more organic.

11. listening to some hector lavoe at work. woot.

12. the usual breakfast: french press coffee + condensed milk + bruschetta.

13. me in my mommy’s dress from the 60’s. Boy I wish she saved more of her stuff.

14. shirt: JCrew + leather skirt: Parker

15. cardigan: JCrew + dress: TJMaxx + shoes: Fornarina

Just wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram posts.  Which one is your fave? In labeling everything, I realize I may have a slight JCrew obsession.

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art selections.

Confession: the Savannah trip was actually a beeline from a trip to Augusta.  There. I feel much better now having divulged all that crazy info. Whew!  Anywho, ran into some amazing southern U.S. art at the Morris Museum of Art; a hidden gem at the end of the quaint Riverwalk.  Wanna see some pieces that really struck me as amazing? Why, I do declare, you shall see them now.

Oh, all images were taken with my iPhone 4S. No flash. Duh. In a museum.

<Anna Catherine Wiley (1879-1958). By the Arbor, 1923, Oil on canvas.> <Wow>

<Julyan Davis (b. 1965). Rock Shop Billboard, 2007, Oil on canvas.>

<Frank Wright (b. 1932). The Artist in His Studio, 1977, Oil on canvas. The artist is from Washington D.C., and this depicted studio is there too.>

<Wolf Kahn (b. 1927). Cotton Barn at Beech Island, S.C., 1998, Oil on canvas.>

<James William “Bo” Bartlett III (b. 1955). The Art of Drawing, 1998, Oil on linen.>

<Frank E. Lloyd (d. 1945). Playing Marbles, n.d., Oil on board.> <Reminds me of the older homes back home in Louisiana.>

<Lamar Dodd (1909-1996). 11:15 P.M., 1945, Oil on canvas.>

<Fernard Lungren (1859-1932). Descent from the Carissa, 1904, Oil on canvas en grisaille.> <Totally badass.>


We thought the museum would be sketchy since it was in the bottom of an office building. We were totally wrong.  Upon entrance and going up the stairs to the museum, our minds changed immediately. AND I’m a museum curator, so I’m not easily impressed.  There was a great collection of modern art there and some interesting temporary exhibits.  I would totally recommend going there.  Very nicely done. Yay MMA! Woot.

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