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to market, to market…savannah style

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I had a blast visiting one of my besties (did I just say “bestie”? Ack!) in Savannah, Georgia.  People are so polite and chatty–I love it.  Everywhere you go in this quaint historic city feels like home away from home-except home is nothing like it.  Huh? Nevermind.

It really is such a charming city and Forsythe Park’s Farmer’s Market had it all in the way of fresh edible things under sleepy, mossy never-ending canopies.  Please see more yummy deliciousness and more of my silliness below.  Yes, keep scrolling.  Go on now.  Woot.

Top: JCrew + Skirt: Blitz Vintage + Sandals: Andrea&Joen

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london fun: style #3

Brick Lane. Coolest kids on the block.

Stumbled across this cool young lady between St. James Park and Buckingham Palace.

Quirky/hipster/nerdy style always makes my heart soar.

Bonus points to him for the cool vintage camera bag.

Stumbled across this fashion photo shoot on Brick Lane.  Woot.

The last of the London style shots right here.  One more set of street art images are coming next. Soak them in, love them, comment on them, share with friends. Go.

Next locale: Hawaii

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extra extra: this house is hunted

Hunted House just moved into its new digs on Washington DC’s uber hip H Street, NE.  Specializing in 60s decorative arts and furniture, this place is happenin’ baby.  Mark Johnson, the groovy cat who owns the joint, is gregarious, laid back, and deeply nostalgic of all things midcentury modern.  Now fresh out of cliche 60s terms. Moving on.

<owner, mark johnson, sitting in one of his favorite chairs–buy it from under him!>

<mark’s avatar chilling out with the avatar crew in the rear of the store>

Mark is not new to the vintage furnishings business; the store’s original location was on a bustling block of 14th St, NW for 6 years and has grown a solid client base.  Since it is now in the newest DC area on the brink of blowing up, curious folks new to the store have a chance to see/buy carefully curated pieces.

<expertly curated stock>

I couldn’t wait to ask Mark what he thought of Mad Men.  I somehow half-expected him to have a cynical view of the show since it made every tangible 60s thing mainstream.  Instead, he thinks the show is very appealing, not only because of the set design, but because it really captures the difficult issues society was coping with at the time.

<selection of artwork>

So what’s next for Hunted House? Well, geez! Pump the brakes, they are just now having a grand opening (Saturday, June 16).  Mark is just as fond of the 70s as the 60s.  He loves the music, the culture, the furniture…but it stops there.  No 80s dude, no 80s.

<milo baughman-inspired settee>

<in the 60s, they drank–a lot>

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perfect collaboration

Shoe: J Crew + Loeffler Randall

Um, why am I just seeing this? I knew that JCrew and Loeffler Randall had a collaboration in mind for a while, but I didn’t know it dag nab happened!!! Much thanks to my sis for bringing this to my attention. Um, can I say perfection? I’ll walk a mile in those bad boys. Perfect continuation of my previous platform suede post! Woot!

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