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one shirt three ways: first

Denim Shirt: Anthroplogie (old, similar here)+ Silk Shirt: Madewell (old) + Colorblock Pant: Urban Outfitters (similar & better here) + Shoes: Calvin Klein (old) + Sunnies: Rayban + Jewelry: Consignment/Vintage

The importance of a denim shirt isn’t to be taken lightly.  Take this one from Anthropologie for example:  I wear this shirt so darn much that its down right embarrassing.  There I said it.  Now that I said it, don’t get angry when you see it worn a different way (or the same way, for that matter) in newer posts.  Here, in part one of the “Denim Shirt Trilogy,” you see my mostest favouritest way to wear it–over the shoulders with a bit of old worldishness (just go with it).  Its funny that the way you picture your granny wearing a shirt or jacket was actually more stylish (and comfy) than you thought.  Never assume. Assimilate. Okay, I’m out of control now. Peace.

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random snippets


Snippets: Uncle Chip’s Cafe, me at the salon, fresh picked magnolia/newly purchased arm candy, rock climbing

I had lots of fun last week having dinner with friends, going to happy hours and dance parties, practicing yoga, drinking lots of iced coffees, going to the hair salon, playing bocce, sneaking over a fence to pick a magnolia flower, receiving shipments of ridiculous bracelets, and rock climbing with a dog in tow (who is reminiscent of Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

I would say it was a good week.  Lawdy, summer hasn’t even officially started yet….

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London Fun: Style #2


Just awesome.  Nuff said.

Frikin’ “Yay!” to these tights and these shoes.

She and her friend were so nice.  I just loved her bag and her laid back, yet put-together, sense of style.

This chick had awesome pants and the best vintage red boots–EVER.

This couple was so cool that I was almost afraid that they would grab my camera and expose the (nonexistent) film to ruin it for me.

Oh gosh, these people were so amazing.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to all the above photographed, but those whom I did converse with were truly humble and amazingly stylish.  My website wasn’t up when I took these, so I had no info to give them, but they still let me photograph them.  That’s the thing about style–when someone notices that you have it, you all are immediately part of the same team.  It did help, though, that I had on my bright blue suede shoes.  I’m just sayin’.  FYI these were taken  in East London and St. James Park.

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the mean reds

Silk shirt: J Crew (similar here) + Skirt: Torn by Ronny Kobo (consignment) + Shoes: Zara (similar here) + Jewelry: Borrowed/Vintage

Chillin’ on my friend’s balcony is so addictive.  Why, let’s take some pics–shall we? Yes, we shall. Oh, let’s also show the world how silly we are.  Okay, that sounds great! Ciao.

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